Tuesday March 20th

Today we continued reading Tuck Everlasting and worked on character analysis.  We had Daily Five and Mrs. Gallant worked with small groups on their word work and reading fluency.  For art, we worked on rotational symmetry art (Rotational Symmetry Art Lesson)

In math we practiced proving that figures are similar through some textbook work and students received their study guide for their test next Tuesday.


  1. Practice words ( take just five minutes and ask a parent or sibling to test you! )
  2. Math Homework Questions – textbook
  3. set up a study plan for the Transformational Geometry test next Tuesday
  4. Mrs. Gallant will be absent tomorrow

Monday March 19th

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Today we had a Number Talk, learned about similar figures in math, started badminton in Phys. Ed., practiced our new Word Work words and learned our new vocabulary and discussed character motivations and relationships in Tuck Everlasting.

We also had a Genius Hour presentation and a slideshow of pictures :o)


  1.  Practice Word Work words

Friday March 9th

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Today students learned about similar figures, played basketball for Phys. Ed, met with their reading buddies, continued Theme Three and attended the Spirit Assembly.

Have a wonderful March Break – enjoy the time with friends and family.

Thursday March 8th

Today we had Genius Hour and learned about how some inventions were created ‘by accident’!  Mistakes are Opportunities for Learning!  Think: potato chips, playdough, slinkies, X-rays!

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We continued reading about human sexuality and secondary sexual characteristics in Fully Alive.  We solved an interesting “GFletchy” problem in math class about number combinations.  At the end of the day, Mrs. Gallant had her class review and students worked on their vocabulary for Chapters 12-18 and read Tuck Everlasting, with a focus on figurative language.


  1. Spirit Assembly tomorrow at 2:30
  2. Family Movie night tomorrow in the gym!

Wednesday March 7th

Mrs. Gallant was absent – sick again :o( yesterday.  Today we had a Genius Hour presentation : How does chocolate vs. white milk change the taste/ appearance of a cake recipe?  We continued reading Tuck Everlasting, with an emphasis on how the novel is structured.  We started Theme Three, Human Sexuality in Health / Fully Alive.   We also went to the library and had our Word Work Assessments!

Lots of questions about twins today!

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  1. Math Congruency Worksheet
  2. Genius Hour Supplies for tomorrow
  3. Finish Tuck Everlasting Chapters 6 – 11 questions and vocabulary

Monday March 5

Today we continued Social Studies student presentations, played basketball in Phys. Ed, practice reading comprehension by identifying the challenges that the characters face in Tuck Everlasting, and developed Success Criteria to accomplish our Learning Goal: to describe the location of a point or shape and to move the point or shape using transformations in Math.  We also looked at an “open middle ” problem!



  1. Health Test tomorrow
  2. Word Work Assessment Wednesday ( time to practice tomorrow )
  3. Tuck Everlasting – online or in duotang

Thursday March 1st

Please see the March Newsletter under the “Newsletter” tab.  Today we had Genius Hour, reviewed for Health through a class discussion of “Why we eat and drink” and a Kahoot game.  We continued reading Tuck Everlasting with a focus on analyzing character relationships.  Students wrote a check-in for math transformations.


  1. March Newsletter and Bingo sent home
  2. Last day for Milk Bag Collection is tomorrow
  3. Social Studies presentations tomorrow

Wednesday February 28th

Today we continued reading Tuck Everlasting, noting where vocabulary words are used and how the author set the mood of the first few chapters.  Students had Drama with Ms. Stahl.  We had a BIG work period for Social Studies – students will present their findings on Friday.  We went to the library and learned about combined transformations in math.


  1. Social Studies presentation on Friday
  2. Health Test next Tuesday March 6th
  3. Math – textbook homework – page number should be written in notebook