Tuesday May 22nd

Students wrote EQAO today.  We worked on Social Studies in between testing sessions.  Reminder that this Thursday is Family Fun Night!

Hope to see you there :o)

Thank-you for your messages of condolences.  I am happy to be back at work!

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Wednesday May 16 – Friday May 18th

Mrs. Gallant is absent due to the passing of her Mother-In-Law.  Thank you for keeping my family in your thoughts and prayers.

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Over these three days, students will work on their VIP presentations, learn about stereotypes and relationships in Health, practice surface area and volume questions, practice summarizing and inferencing through a “Train to Win” article, and write their Unit 9 Measurement Math Test.  They will also start writing their ‘reports’ on a significant event in Canadian History.  All of the information regarding this assignment is up on Google Classroom.

Next week is EQAO.  Please ensure your child has adequate rest and nutrition.  If you’d like to send a special snack in for the students writing EQAO in Grade 6, that would be great.  There are 35 students total.

Also, ensure your child has a pencil, calculator, eraser, ruler – everything they should have on a regular basis!

Have a wonderful long weekend.  Enjoy the time with your families.

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Tuesday May 15th

Today we attended mass at St. Joseph’s Church.  We learned how to calculate the volume and surface area of triangular prisms.  We worked on Mathletics and completed Daily Five activities at the end of the day.

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  1. Math page 367 #1
  2. Mrs. Gallant will be absent for the rest of the week due to death in her family ( mother-in-law).  Thank you for keeping my family in your thoughts and prayers.

Monday May 14th

Today we learned how the area of a triangle is related to the area of a parallelogram.  We practiced for track and field.  We “magazine surfed” to compare and contrast information reports with “just for fun” text.  We worked on our Word Work and Daily Five activities.  At the end of the day we discussed our plan for our VIP presentation on Thursday and our internal/external influences in our lives ( for Health).

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  1. Math homework page 360 #2 a,b,e,f, #3 a, #4, #7
  2. Mass at St. Joseph’s tomorrow morning


Friday May 11th

Today we worked on Mother’s Day crafts, practiced for track and field, learned how to calculate the area of a triangle and finished up our “Renewing the Promise”, social studies and summaries!  We also had a word work assessment … busy day!

No homework this weekend.

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Wednesday May 9th

Today Mrs. Gallant took several students to the Let’s Talk Science Challenge.  Students who remained at school worked in other classrooms to review for EQAO and create artwork to celebrate Catholic Education.  SO NICE TO COME IN TO THIS WELCOME BACK MESSAGE!!

Tuesday May 8th

Today we read, ” The King of the Forest” and worked in partners to answer inferencing and reflection questions.  We completed Daily Five activities while Mrs. Gallant worked with small groups to practice reading fluency and summarizing skills.  In math, we learned how to find the area of a parallelogram by cutting it out and turning it into a rectangle!

For social studies, we continued reading together as a class and answering comprehension and reflection questions about immigration to Canada.


  1. Math page 354 #3,4,5,7
  2. Mrs. Gallant is absent with some students at the Let’s Talk Science Challenge tomorrow, students will need to report to their assigned teacher and will be provided with work
  3. Word Work Test on Friday

Monday May 7th

Today we reviewed strategies for problem solving with Measurement questions.  We practiced for track.  We completed Daily Five activities while Mrs. Gallant conferenced with small groups.  We started our social studies unit about Communities Past and Present.

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  1. Ask your parents about their background and culture.  We are learning about how people first came to Canada!
  2. Page 351 #1,#2 Math Textbook
  3. Planet Protectors Mission Files will be collected tomorrow