Wednesday September 19

Today we reviewed prime and composite numbers.  We discussed a ‘three act math’ lesson with pickle jars!  Check out this student work to see how they sorted prime and composite numbers AND odd and even numbers.

We read “The Secret Bully” and practiced making predictions.  We had a whole group word work lesson and entered our words on Spelling City.  We practiced writing a narrative sequence in mysterious, playful or serious voices.  At the end of the day we had Drama and worked on our Fully Alive lanterns.


  2. BOOK ORDERS SENT HOME!!!!  ( please order online! )

Tuesday September 18

Today we learned about prime and composite numbers.  We reviewed how multiplication means ‘groups of’ and practiced drawing rectangles to deepen our understanding of factors.  Mrs. Gallant is learning how to work the SmartBoard 3-in-1!!  In Language we wrote a spelling assessment and cut out a practice set of word work words.  In Phys. Ed we played soccer.  At the end of the day we continued reading in Fully Alive and started our ‘lanterns’!

Here are some of our students explaining their answer to the ‘check-in’ from yesterday:

Image result for soccer animated gif


  1. Math page 46 #1 a,b,c,d, #2 and #6.

Monday September 17

Today we learned about multiples in math, reviewed our ‘check-in’ and wrote a quick exit pass to practice going from expanded to standard form.  We visited the Book Fair and read about how we can be ‘life givers’ in Fully Alive.  In Language, we practiced making predictions by reading a vampire story as a whole class, and and FBI story in partners.  We learned how to use Common Lit and practiced answering reading comprehension questions ( on Google classroom! ).

Image result for making predictions


  1. Math page 44 #1,2,3a, 5, 7
  2. CommonLit – Finish Little Red Riding Hood Assessment Task ( Google Classroom )
  3. Book Fair Money
  4. Gym Clothes for tomorrow!

Friday September 14th

Today we made reading buddy bookmarks for our buddies and met with them.  We played Rock Paper Scissors Soccer and Four Corner Soccer for Phys. Ed.  At the end of the day we wrote a check-in ( quiz ) to check our understanding of place value and we learned about how to compare and order numbers.



  1. Finish micrography art
  2. Bring back any forms
  3. Math homework page 41 #1,2,3  page 42 #5

Thursday September 13th

Today we finished reading Pink and Say and discussed how the themes are relevant in our lives today.  We completed a prediction and voice activity for AWARD ( apply writing and reading daily ) and we worked on writing in a formal voice.  In math, we learned about place value and how to write numbers in standard, expanded and number-word form.  Here is a link to a place value chart that might help!  At the end of the day we explored the links on mathletics, spelling city, typing, flipgrid, etc.

Image result for formal vs informal


  1. Math page 37 #1 and #3, worksheet
  2. Picture day letter sent home

Wednesday September 12th

Today we had a Number Talk, discussed real-life situations where we’d find large numbers, and worked on deepening our understanding of 1 000 000.  In Language, we visited the library, read ” Pink and Say”, another book by Patricia Polacco, worked on making predictions using an activity on Google Classroom and discussed voice and some methods ( alliteration!  informal language! ) to help develop a ‘playful’ voice.  At the end of the day students had drama with a supply teacher ( we are anxiously awaiting our permanent drama teacher ) and we made a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast the variety of personalities in our classroom for Fully Alive.


  1. Math page 34 # 1c, #3

Click here to look ahead to tomorrow’s lesson!

Tuesday September 11th

Today we had our first whole group reading lesson and read a story called “Thank you Mr. Falker” by Patricia Polacco.  We practiced making predictions using evidence from the pictures and text.  Students read independently while Mrs. Gallant held reading conferences.  We finished our balanced literacy block with a lesson on the writing trait of voice and how to use commas when writing a list or series.  We played ‘statue’ dodgeball and assessed our fitness at various stations for Phys. Ed.  At the end of the day we organized our desks and continued reading Theme One Fully Alive.


  1. Finish Writing Worksheet – write an introductory sentence using a mysterious voice

Monday September 10

Today we had several students attend the Safety Patrol Meeting.  We continued learning about growth mindset research and completed a Literacy in Action activity about “What is Fair?” We wrote a math diagnostic called Prime.  We discussed stress and how we can use different tools to help us manage our stress.  Check out our Padlet!

One way we can manage stress is through meditation.  Here is a padlet showing some of our other ideas.


  1. Finish Literacy in Action worksheet
  2. Bring back any forms!

Friday September 7th

Today we learned more about growth mindset and how we learn.  We had a FIRE DRILL!

Image result for animated gif fire drill

We learned about procedures and routines for Phys. Ed and played Rock, Paper, Scissors Football.

  Image result for rock paper scissors animated gif

We also learned about our routines for Number Talks and we had fun with a math thinking question about a hot dog eating contest!


Two important letters coming home tonight!

Thursday September 6 2018

Today we learned about Google Classroom and explored the class website.  We also started to create our “All About Me – My Blueprint” portfolios through D2L.  Students are welcome to access this from home!  In math we did an activity called “Figure Me Out” where students wrote equations to represent numbers in their lives.  

At the end of the day we learned about character strengths and started our art micrography project ( see assignment tab ).




  1. Finish Figure Me Out sheet
  2. Finish Time Capsule
  3. Bring gym clothes and shoes for tomorrow