Monday June 18th

Today we read about values in Fully Alive and discussed how values are portrayed in television shows and advertisements.  We went outside to play KanJam, and Mrs. Gallant got an INSTANT WIN!  It was pretty hot, so we came in and watched part of a Full House show for Fully Alive.  We played Kahoot to help us study for our Social Studies Quiz, and completed an online review task on Google Classroom.  We wrote an assessment for math to see how far we’ve come since September and finished the day working on our jackdaw documents.

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  1. Jackdaw documents due tomorrow for tea staining activity
  2. Complete the television values assignment for Fully Alive – due Wednesday ( you can work on it during agenda/quiet time )
  3. Study for Social Studies – test on Thursday
  4. Several students are presenting their Genius Hour on Thursday – last day for presentation is Monday June 25th.
  5. Stay cool!  Please make sure your child has sunscreen, water and a hat for recess during these hot days.

Friday June 15

Today we attended the Guelph Hydro presentation, played KanJam for Phys Ed, had some electronics time and worked on our Fathers Day crafts.

Check out this website more information about electricity safety and conservation.


1. Jackdaw documents due Tuesday June 19 for tea staining

2. Social studies test on Thursday June 21

3. Jackdaw artifacts due Thursday June 21


Thursday June 14th

Today we had time to work on our Genius Hour projects.  We had french in the morning, met with our reading buddies, worked on a Father’s Day craft, worked on our jackdaws, completed a page in our Electricity Interactive Notebook and started Theme Five in Fully Alive: Living in the World.

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  1. Bingemans Forms – parent volunteers are welcome!
  2. Work on Social Studies Jackdaw
  3. Electronics Day tomorrow

Wednesday June 13th

Today we finished Theme Four for Fully Alive and discussed the importance of commitment.  We went to the library and music class with Ms. Stahl.  We worked on our Father’s Day craft and our social studies projects … and we attended DRUM FIT!  We wrote our math test at the end of the day.  Oh yes, we also took a science note on the types of energy used to create electricity.


  1. Bingemans Forms
  2. Genius Hour tomorrow – several students are presenting!

Tuesday June 12th

Today we had mass and celebrated the end of the school year through prayer.  We worked on review questions for math and completed an activity for Theme Four: Commitment in Fully Alive.  At the end of the day we square danced!

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Math Test (patterning) tomorrow!

Social Studies Test: Thursday June 21st

Study Guide can be found here

Monday June 11th

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to those students/families that were able to make it to the Multicultural Festival and represent St. Francis.

Today we worked on relating distance, average speed and time.  We used what we have learned about patterning to make predictions.  We completed an online electricity activity for science and made footprints for our Faith Folders.  At the end of the day we worked on our jackdaws for social studies.


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  1. Math Test on Wednesday ( study! )
  2. Math page 395 #2,3,4
  3. Mass tomorrow
  4. Work on jackdaw

Thursday June 7th

Today we had our Genius Hour – projects are looking great!  Students met with their reading buddies and we worked on our interactive electricity notebooks.  This afternoon we had a hands-on workshop all about electricity!


  1. We have achieved our 65 “Major Points Dude” challenge.  Electronics day will be next week on Friday June 15th
  2.  It would be great to see you at the Multicultural Festival on Sunday June 10th at 3:30 pm.  I’ll be there with my own two children to represent St. Francis at the tent – all students and families are welcome!  ( a newsletter was sent home last week regarding this event, email me for details via the contact form)

Wednesday June 6th

Today we had a visit from the virtual service technician from the Guelph Public library.  She talked to us about digital literacy and coding and we experimented with ozobots!  We started our social studies jackdaw project and concluded the day with library and starting our new science unit on electricity.


  1. Math Test next Wednesday June 13th
  2. Work on jackdaw project, primary documents

Monday June 4th

Today we improved our financial literacy through the ‘Junior Achievement’ program put on by the Royal Bank of Canada.  Mr. Keith taught us about business with a focus on entrepreneurial spirit in Canada in a free enterprise system.  We learned about innovations and the importance of being open to new ideas for the future!


Track and Field is tomorrow and Mrs. Gallant is helping coach.  Students will have work to complete in other classrooms.