Friday April 20th

Today we reviewed the learning goal and success criteria for our flight experiments and students started their research to develop their question for investigation.  We played a new game, ” sabakiball” in Phys. Ed.  We had our “Electronics” class reward time, and Mrs. Gallant met with individual students to review their word work assessments and math check-ins.

sabaki (体捌き) is a term from Japanese martial arts and which relates to ‘whole body movement’, or repositioning. It can be translated as body-management


  1. Math test next Wednesday April 25th
  2. Planet Protectors due Tuesday April 24th
  3. Practice Word Work words

Thursday April 19th

Today we worked on our Genius Hour projects and a few students helped make a beehive for the play.  We conducted our science experiment and students learned how much writing and analysis the scientific method requires.  We wrote a check in for math about ratios and learned about rates.


  1. Math homework
  2. Electronics Day class reward tomorrow for Major Points Dude
  3. Planet Protectors Mission Three

Wednesday April 18th

Today we had a teacher directed lesson on ratios and equivalent ratios.  We made our punch ( see below! ), started our paper airplane experiment, went to the library and read independently while Mrs. Gallant worked with small groups to practice reading fluency.

The (mis)adventures of shopping for “Floating Island Punch”

I was able to find most of the ingredients … at a reasonable cost … except for the elusive orange sherbet!  I went to two different grocery stores and they only carried mango, rainbow and lime so I decided to go with the rainbow one as it had some orange in the picture.

I wasn’t quite sure about the frozen juice from concentrate, was it a better deal to buy three of something for five dollars and save 67 cents when I really only wanted two?  They didn’t sell orange juice in the store brand, only orange punch for 77 cents …

And then, things got ugly …

And the winner is … Mr Pham!

We worked together to make the punch!


  1. Planet protectors Mission Three
  2. Math test study guide handed out ( math test next Wednesday April 25th)
  3. Genius Hour tomorrow – bring supplies

Tuesday April 17th

Indoor Recess all day :o(  The playground was way too slippery!

Today we finished Planet Protector Level Three.  Students have one week to complete their mission.  They also performed some ‘food scrap raps’!

We reviewed vocabulary for our upcoming experiment on flight ( paper airplanes ).  We learned about equivalent ratios through recipes and some practice questions.


  1. Planet Protector Mission
  2. Research types of paper airplane wings for tomorrow if you have time!
  3. Math worksheet ( equivalent ratios )
  4. Library Day tomorrow!

Friday April 13th

Today we found out that we are getting a new student in Room 202!  We wrote him some welcome letters.  We reviewed yesterday’s math through partner presentations, met with our reading buddies, played a “flying pig” game, had our Word Work test and completed Mathletics and Daily Five Activities.  Mrs. Gallant also learned a new word “yeet”


  1. Planet Protectors and Eat Me First sign

Wednesday April 11th

Today we went to River Run to listen to the Guelph Symphony.  Students have an assignment to complete, which can be found on their Google Classroom.  We watched Peter and the Wolf to review some of the instruments.  We also talked about how music can be used in cartoons.

Image result for guelph symphony

We worked on our Symphony Reflection assignment, went to the library and worked in small reading groups or read independently.


  1. Planet protectors – parent signature and picture of ‘eat me first’
  2. Genius Hour tomorrow
  3. Wear a Jersey tomorrow

Tuesday April 10

Check out today’s wild and wonderful number talk:

Today we read the story “When I was Eight” about a young girl who lived in a residential school.  We are beginning to learn about Canadian History and address the “Calls to Action” as our Social Studies curriculum is under revision.  These are difficult topics to address and we will do so in an appropriate, respectful manner.  We had Confessions and practiced our word work ( test on Friday! )

We worked on relating fractions, decimals and percents through a “dream” floor plan and a few practice questions.  We also worked through “Level Two” of Planet Protectors.  Students have another at-home mission this week.


  1. Show parents Level Two Planet Protectors
  2. Math Page 314 #1,4,7,10
  3. All Tuck Everlasting Posters must be handed in, several are late :o(
  4. River Run tomorrow – any parent volunteers are VERY WELCOME!