Monday October 2nd 2017

Today we learned more about growth mindset, specifically how the brain actually grows when we learn new things.  We made sample neurons out of licorice!  We chose a mascot for “Go Noodle” a program designed to help students increase their physical activity and improve mindfulness.

We reviewed division.  It did not go well!  We will not have division as a focus for Wednesday’s test.  After meeting with our board math consultant today, Mrs. Gallant has some ideas that should help strengthen student understanding of division.

In Language, we read “The Memory String” and practiced making inferences.  Mrs. Gallant met with small groups to discuss inferences and students worked on their “Daily Five” tasks.


  1. math test Wednesday
  2. October Homework Bingo was handed out
  3. Spelling City passwords handed out
  4. Complete the monthly reflection on Google Classroom