Tuesday October 3rd

Today we practiced our Word Work words using the online program Spelling City.  We read “The Tin Forest” and watched a video of the story.  We reviewed for math with some worksheets and one-on-one conferencing.

Image result for the tin forest

Here is our class document to help us prepare for Guelph Lake on THURSDAY!

Check out this link if you are interested in an art contest about … fish!  This year’s species are the bluegill and the muskellunge.

2nd place – Kids’ Fish Art Contest

Guelph Lake Preparation


  1. Study for Math
  2. October Homework Bingo
  3. Monthly Reflection – Google Classroom – make sure you press the submit button on our Google Classroom!
  4. If you have time, add to our “Guelph Lake Preparation” file above!  It’ll help everyone!