Wednesday October 4 2017

Oh no!  Our first pizza day is tomorrow and so is Guelph Lake!  Ms. Turner will save the pizza for students who ordered and I’ll warm it up in the microwave on Friday!

As well, we just found out that our first River Run Field Trip to see the Three Musketeers will take place on Thursday October 26th from 9 am until 12 pm.  Volunteer supervisors are welcome!

Today we reviewed some terms for science and learned about invasive species.  We are excited for our Guelph Lake trip tomorrow!

Image result for invasive species

We wrote our math test, went to the library, had drama with Ms. Stahl and learned more about how to make good inferences using details from the text to support our inferences.

Invasive Species Video

SO PROUD of our students who decided to join lego robotics and enrich their learning!  Way to go!  Maybe you can develop a robot to mark all these math test for me!


Dress appropriately for Guelph Lake tomorrow

Finish any outstanding arthropod assignments and monthly reflections!