Monday October 10th

Today we practiced the reading comprehension strategy “making inferences” through the story “Those Shoes” and teacher modelling with a graphic organizer.  We had Daily Five and met in small groups to further practice making inferences using details directly from the text.  We learned about how humans use plants for medicinal purposes, skincare and food.  We started our plant assignment.  At the end of the day we practiced division through several small group activities.  This will be ‘division’ week!


  1. Parent signature for math test ( I printed the online component so that parents can see what kind of questions were done online, I won’t always do this … in order to save on paper ! )  Students are welcome to do corrections on their tests and show me :o)
  2. parent signature for arthropod assignment ( if you’d like to see you child’s assignment, please have them log in to their Google Drive or Google Classroom )