Wednesday November 29th

Today we watched several videos of real life examples of online activity and its consequences.

Split Decisions

6 Degrees

Two Kinds of Stupid

Survivor Diaries 

Broken Friendship

We created a ‘math wordle’ and here are the results!

Students had library and drama.  In math we did rotations to review the math quizzes, practice our decimal work, and explore mathletics!  This afternoon several students presented their health and media assignments.

Tomorrow we will start Christian Meditation with Mrs. Iliopoulos’ Grade 8 class in the Faith Centre. For more information,  click here to access the parent letter.

Here’s a video to help with rounding :o)

Image result for roller coaster rounding


  1. Complete health online safety task with your child ( sent home Monday )
  2. Students who are NOT finished their written explanation of their advertisement should do so ASAP!