Tuesday January 9th

Today we completed a summarizing and asking questions activity about The Solar System – two great strategies for comprehending scientific explanation texts!  Students had an independent activity which you can find on Google Classroom.   In Science we read about the size of the solar system and how the size of the planets relate to one another.

Out of the World!

In math, we experimented with mean and median using this visual.  Students explored this concept further with linking cubes.  We continued to explore our goals for the New Year!

What data might the cubes in the top picture represent?

How are the top and bottom pictures different?

How could you calculate the mean of the top set of numbers?

When you divide the total of the data by 4, what are you actually doing? How does this relate to the bottom picture?

Why is it harder to describe the first set of data with just one number?


  1. finish reading activity on Google classroom
  2. math homework ( textbook ) and Graphing Your Story worksheet
  3. permission form for The Museum *** parent volunteers $7.00