Thursday February 8th

Mrs. Gallant was out sick again today :o(

Students worked on their Genius Hour projects, learned about the cubic metre and finished their social studies worksheets from yesterday.  They practiced passing ( chest and bounce ) in basketball in Phys. Ed.

In other news … I had quite the surprise when I opened my parish bulletin last night to find out that they are collecting milk bags to create sleeping mats … just like we were talking about in our social studies class!  It’s a sign!  Start collecting your milk bags so that they can be transformed into comfortable sleeping mats for the people of Haiti.

It is the bag that holds the three milk bags, please dry the inside of the bag before sending it in.  If anyone would like to join me in actually building the mats, mark your calendars for Saturday March 3 10 am – 12 pm.  More details to follow.  I simply can not wait to talk about this when I return – what an opportunity!

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  1. Bring supplies for science inquiry tomorrow – if I’m absent tomorrow, we will have time to work on this on Monday, classes come on Tuesday afternoon!
  2. Math worksheets – cubic metre
  3. finish rough copy explanation – you will have a chance to peer edit tomorrow!
  4. Start spreading the word about the milk bags!
  5. Chicopee and Zehrs permission forms