Tuesday February 27th

Today students worked on a differentiated assessment with Mathletics, and practiced transformations using Mathletics online.  Mrs. Gallant met with small groups to review transformations from yesterday.  Several Grade 6 students participated in the Math League Contest … way to go St. Francis Mathletes!  It’s great to see you show initiative!

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We continued our note during health class.  There will be an assessment next week  ( Tuesday ) and a study guide was handed out.  This afternoon we started our Anticipation Guide and a focus on key vocabulary for our upcoming class novel study.


  1. Work on Mathletics ( online program ) if you have internet access at home
  2. start organizing your notes for health – test date Tuesday March 6
  3. Study Guide for Health ( Nutrition Test )

Please note Word Work assessment date change to Thurs. March 8th