Friday April 6th

Today we learned how to change a fraction into a decimal by dividing the numerator by the denominator.  A fraction, really, is simply a division that we haven’t performed yet!  Fractions are really all about division.  For example, if we have 1 whole pizza and cut it into 8 pieces, we’ve divided 1 by 8, or created pieces each worth 1/8.

Image result for pizza 1/8

We played badminton in Phys. Ed, met with our reading buddies and practiced our reading strategies using guided questions from Common Lit.  Mrs. Gallant also met with small groups for reading practice and students had the opportunity to get back to their Word Work that we’ve put off while we finished Tuck Everlasting.



  1. Permission forms – library and River Run.  Please note the library should say West End, not Westminster!  Parent volunteers are welcome for both ( and needed! )
  2. Finish any outstanding math homework, complete any late assignments ( Tuck Everlasting poster, radial symmetry art, movie critique)