Tuesday April 10

Check out today’s wild and wonderful number talk:

Today we read the story “When I was Eight” about a young girl who lived in a residential school.  We are beginning to learn about Canadian History and address the “Calls to Action” as our Social Studies curriculum is under revision.  These are difficult topics to address and we will do so in an appropriate, respectful manner.  We had Confessions and practiced our word work ( test on Friday! )

We worked on relating fractions, decimals and percents through a “dream” floor plan and a few practice questions.  We also worked through “Level Two” of Planet Protectors.  Students have another at-home mission this week.


  1. Show parents Level Two Planet Protectors
  2. Math Page 314 #1,4,7,10
  3. All Tuck Everlasting Posters must be handed in, several are late :o(
  4. River Run tomorrow – any parent volunteers are VERY WELCOME!