Wednesday May 30th

What a wonderful day we had!  We started off with a work period to catch up on Social Studies, reading comprehension independent assessments and finishing up written reports.

We had the great privilege of having Jade’s grandmother Lisa and her friend Chantal come to visit us and lead us in a smudging ceremony, a First Nations  ceremony for purifying or cleansing the soul of negative thoughts of a person or place.  Students then had the opportunity to create their own smudging wands with real feathers, fur, leather and beads.  We are learning so much about First Nations peoples’ history.

Smudging Ceremony


At the end of the day students wrote a math check-in to assess their understanding of graphing patterns.


  1. Bring a rain coat tomorrow!  We will be planting milkweed!  ( more on this later … )
  2. Genius Hour tomorrow