Thursday May 31st

Today we had a Genius Hour session and students committed to a date to present their work.  We had some PHD students from the University of Guelph come to our classroom to talk about monarch butterflies and share their “genius”!  We planted milkweed in our school yard.  Because of modern changes, such as suburbanization and Roundup-Ready crops, there’s a lot less milkweed than there was in the past. This is a disaster for monarchs since monarch caterpillars can eat nothing but milkweed.





At the end of the day we worked on Patterns in Geometry and had a Genius Hour presentation :o)


  1. Math homework Page 386 #4, Page 387 #7, Page 390 #1, #2, #3 … ( Mrs. Gallant will collect your homework for formative assessment tomorrow )