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Thursday October 19th

Today we completed a Learning Skills self-assessment.  We practiced writing with our ‘five senses’ and read a narrative story with a partner.  We created story maps of our stories!  In math, we reviewed equations and played “Equation Station” to challenge our brains.

We read about the United Nations and human rights in social studies.  For Phys. Ed we played cooperative parachute games.


  1. Jersey Day tomorrow!
  2. Math Test Study guide handed out, test next Thursday Oct 26

Wednesday October 18th

My race picture from the weekend . . . I definitely needed to use GROWTH MINDSET and practice STAMINA to get through it!Today we reviewed success criteria for learning skills.

We reviewed how to determine pattern rules using clues from the patterns.  Check out the video below:

We started learning about equations … surprisingly many students said that this was not their favourite math topic!  I say … NOT YET!  We’ll do some more hands on and visual examples to help with the concept of balancing equations.  At the end of the day, we wrote our science test.


  1. Math worksheet – equations
  2. Jersey Day on Friday for United Way – bring $2

Tuesday October 17th

Today we worked on our new set of Word Work words.  Students have an assignment on Google Classroom to complete by Friday.  ( They will have class time for this !)  We read “Thank you Mr. Falker” by Patricia Polacco together and discussed the type of conflict, as well as making some predictions and inferences throughout the story.  We had a “Catch Up, Clean Up” block to organize our desks and workspaces, work on art and work on Social Studies.  At the end of the day we worked on Number Patterns in math.

We are working hard to change our words … change our mindset!

Related image Picture Day tomorrow!Related image


  1. Study for science test tomorrow
  2. Finish Social Studies assignment ( Google Classroom)
  3. Picture Day tomorrow ( school newsletter was previously sent home with information)
  4. Jersey Day for United Way tomorrow (school newsletter was previously sent home with information)

Monday October 16th

Today we started our Patterning Unit for math, after a Number Talk!  As usual, the students blew Mrs. Gallant’s mind with the way they think about NUMBER!  We used a 100’s chart to solve a problem: Draw a capital letter that has a sum between 100 and 120.  These kinds of problems are pre-alebraic :o)

We learned how the number patterns in an INPUT/OUPUT machine can help us figure out the operation and the numbers in the machine itself.  In Social Studies, we had a brief talk about basic human rights and started our Google Classroom Social Studies task.  We started our narrative writing by analyzing a story called “The Cello of Mr. O” and writing about our sensory experiences to add detail to our writing!

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  1. Study for Science Test on Wednesday
  2. Math page 9 #4,5,6
  3. Social Studies – Google Classroom due Wednesday

Friday October 13th

Today we worked on our ‘spooky tree’ art, practicing the principle of design: asymmetrical balance.  Students worked with a variety of medium – charcoal, pencil crayon, marker, chalk.  They are starting to look Image result for gif animated word spooky

We played some cooperative games in Phys. Ed ( elves, giants, wizards; cooperative throwing and doctor dodgeball ).  Students are encouraged to follow the success criteria for cooperative games in order to ensure safety and to make sure all classmates are included.

We met with our Reading Buddies and read our Class Buddy Book together, and reviewed for science through a game of Kahoot!

We had a Spirit Assembly to recognize our many gifts and raise school spirit at St. Francis.  Go Falcons Go!  Whose House?  OUR HOUSE!


  1. Study for Science Test next week
  2. Reminder that all Halloween costumes worn at school must be school appropriate ( no weapons, no masks, etc )

Thursday October 12th

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Brrrr!  It’s getting cold outside!  Remember to dress appropriately for the weather!

Today we wrote a check-in for math ( formative assessment ) and completed an independent reading assignment in order for students to demonstrate how to make an inference.

We learned about the principle of balance in art and started our art assignment on ‘spooky trees’.  In Phys Ed we played some cooperative games.


  1. plant assignment due tomorrow
  2. science test next Wednesday October 18th
  3. Spirit Assembly tomorrow at 2:30 :o)

Wednesday October 11th

Today we reviewed division in small groups and individually.  We spent some time talking about the importance of growth mindset when working on challenging problems.  We had a negative vibe in our classroom yesterday!

We worked on our plant assignments ( due Friday !) and read ” A Blazing Rescue” to practice making inferences.


  1. parent signatures on arthropod assignment and math test
  2. plant assignment due Friday
  3. science test study guide handed out, quiz next Wednesday

Monday October 10th

Today we practiced the reading comprehension strategy “making inferences” through the story “Those Shoes” and teacher modelling with a graphic organizer.  We had Daily Five and met in small groups to further practice making inferences using details directly from the text.  We learned about how humans use plants for medicinal purposes, skincare and food.  We started our plant assignment.  At the end of the day we practiced division through several small group activities.  This will be ‘division’ week!


  1. Parent signature for math test ( I printed the online component so that parents can see what kind of questions were done online, I won’t always do this … in order to save on paper ! )  Students are welcome to do corrections on their tests and show me :o)
  2. parent signature for arthropod assignment ( if you’d like to see you child’s assignment, please have them log in to their Google Drive or Google Classroom )

Friday October 6th 2017

Mrs. Gallant was absent this morning.  Students started our patterning unit ( Unit 1 ) and played cooperative games in the gym.  We met with our Reading Buddies.  This afternoon, we had Daily 5 while Mrs. Gallant finished HIP diagnostic assessments.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!  I know one thing I’m thankful for is having such a wonderful group of students to share this year with.  Thank-you!

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