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Tuesday September 25th

Today we practiced making predictions using our own text in a reader’s response format.  We learned how to do questions with more than one operation in math ( BEDMAS! Order of Operations).  We played ‘bandit’ soccer in the gym.  At the end of the day we started our Variety of Life unit in Science.  We are off to Guelph Lake next Tuesday!  Permission forms were included in your first day package of newsletters for Guelph Lake, River Run and mass.  Parent volunteers are welcome – please email me and let me know if you can make it.

( Parentheses are another name for brackets!  )


  1. Reading Response due tomorrow
  2. Math page 56 #1 g,h, i    #6 a, b   #10 and #11
  3. Picture Day tomorrow!

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Monday September 24

Today we worked on problem solving questions in math.  Tomorrow there will be an independent assessment on a word problem that is based on factors and/or multiples.  Students have some mental math worksheets to work on for homework tonight.  We went to the library.  Mr. Cremasco is reading The Secret of the Rats of Nimh to our class.  We had a class meeting and students were asked to complete an online form as a follow-up.  At the end of the day we practiced making predictions with “An Extraordinary Egg” and Mrs. Gallant assessed students reading comprehension individually.  We also worked on our writing – the trait of voice!  We had a busy day!

Check out our ‘life-giver’ lanterns!  We will be the light we wish to see in the world!


  1. math worksheets for homework ( 2 )
  2. Gym tomorrow
  3. Fill out online form for class meeting follow-up

Friday September 21st

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Mrs. Gallant was at the Cross Country meet today.  Students worked on their Fully Alive lanterns, finished up their math worksheets that are due on Monday and read and wrote independently.


  1. Next week picture day is on Wednesday September 26th, Mrs. Gallant will be absent for Cross Country on Thursday September 27th and Friday September 28th is a PD Day ( NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS! )

Thursday September 20th

Today we attended mass at St. Joseph’s Church.  We completed some worksheets to review multiples and factors.  We practiced writing a series of events using a particular ‘voice’ and learned about independent writing.  We received cool new notebooks courtesy of Mrs. Gallant 🙂

At the end of the day we completed an online reflection of classroom behaviour in preparation for our first class meeting.


  1. Two math worksheets -due on Monday
  2. Mrs. Gallant will be absent at cross country tomorrow
  3. Bring gym clothes and shoes for Phys. Ed

Wednesday September 19

Today we reviewed prime and composite numbers.  We discussed a ‘three act math’ lesson with pickle jars!  Check out this student work to see how they sorted prime and composite numbers AND odd and even numbers.

We read “The Secret Bully” and practiced making predictions.  We had a whole group word work lesson and entered our words on Spelling City.  We practiced writing a narrative sequence in mysterious, playful or serious voices.  At the end of the day we had Drama and worked on our Fully Alive lanterns.


  2. BOOK ORDERS SENT HOME!!!!  ( please order online! )

Tuesday September 18

Today we learned about prime and composite numbers.  We reviewed how multiplication means ‘groups of’ and practiced drawing rectangles to deepen our understanding of factors.  Mrs. Gallant is learning how to work the SmartBoard 3-in-1!!  In Language we wrote a spelling assessment and cut out a practice set of word work words.  In Phys. Ed we played soccer.  At the end of the day we continued reading in Fully Alive and started our ‘lanterns’!

Here are some of our students explaining their answer to the ‘check-in’ from yesterday:

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  1. Math page 46 #1 a,b,c,d, #2 and #6.

Monday September 17

Today we learned about multiples in math, reviewed our ‘check-in’ and wrote a quick exit pass to practice going from expanded to standard form.  We visited the Book Fair and read about how we can be ‘life givers’ in Fully Alive.  In Language, we practiced making predictions by reading a vampire story as a whole class, and and FBI story in partners.  We learned how to use Common Lit and practiced answering reading comprehension questions ( on Google classroom! ).

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  1. Math page 44 #1,2,3a, 5, 7
  2. CommonLit – Finish Little Red Riding Hood Assessment Task ( Google Classroom )
  3. Book Fair Money
  4. Gym Clothes for tomorrow!

Friday September 14th

Today we made reading buddy bookmarks for our buddies and met with them.  We played Rock Paper Scissors Soccer and Four Corner Soccer for Phys. Ed.  At the end of the day we wrote a check-in ( quiz ) to check our understanding of place value and we learned about how to compare and order numbers.



  1. Finish micrography art
  2. Bring back any forms
  3. Math homework page 41 #1,2,3  page 42 #5

Thursday September 13th

Today we finished reading Pink and Say and discussed how the themes are relevant in our lives today.  We completed a prediction and voice activity for AWARD ( apply writing and reading daily ) and we worked on writing in a formal voice.  In math, we learned about place value and how to write numbers in standard, expanded and number-word form.  Here is a link to a place value chart that might help!  At the end of the day we explored the links on mathletics, spelling city, typing, flipgrid, etc.

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  1. Math page 37 #1 and #3, worksheet
  2. Picture day letter sent home

Wednesday September 12th

Today we had a Number Talk, discussed real-life situations where we’d find large numbers, and worked on deepening our understanding of 1 000 000.  In Language, we visited the library, read ” Pink and Say”, another book by Patricia Polacco, worked on making predictions using an activity on Google Classroom and discussed voice and some methods ( alliteration!  informal language! ) to help develop a ‘playful’ voice.  At the end of the day students had drama with a supply teacher ( we are anxiously awaiting our permanent drama teacher ) and we made a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast the variety of personalities in our classroom for Fully Alive.


  1. Math page 34 # 1c, #3

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