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Friday December 15th

Today we had our Advent Liturgy and practiced for the Christmas Concert.  We met with our reading buddies for a Christmas colouring activity.  Students wrote their Word Work assessment … and Mrs. Gallant marked them on her break :o)  Students are also coming home with two examples of their persuasive writing – one that was edited and revised and one that they were required to write ‘on the spot’.  At the end of the day we cleaned up our classroom and desks (yikes!), entered our new words for next week’s Word Work, finished our Reading Buddy melty bead craft and worked on Mathletics.  Oh yes, we also started Data Management this morning!  What a busy day!


  1. Friendship Interview for Fully Alive due
  2. Word Work and persuasive writing rubrics sent home for parent signatures
  3. Math test on Monday – see study guide under current assignments
  4. Math page 168 EXPLORE and Page 170 / 171 #1 – #5

Thursday December 14th

Morning Activity PADLET

Potter and Washerman Questions

Potter and Washerman Exemplars            

Today we reviewed the Potter and the Washerman reading task, wrote an in-class task to demonstrate our understanding of how to write persuasively.  We worked on a craft to give our reading buddies!

We discussed ‘Family Stress’ in Fully Alive and continued listening to A Fish in a Tree.  For math we looked at a ‘flower’ examples through “Eyes on Math”, and studied for our Decimal test with Knowledgehook.  We had DPA at the end of the day.

Why does this arrangement of flowers
make it easy to describe
0.2 and 0.02 of the flowers?
What other decimals of the flowers
are easy to describe?

Why are there two ways to use decimals to describe the light pink flowers?

Are there two ways to use decimals to describe the two yellow flowers?

Suppose a decimal was of the form 0. ___, what part of the picture would it describe?

Suppose a decimal was of the form 0.__ ___, what part of the picture would it describe?

What decimals can describe parts of the picture?  Which can’t?


  1. Friendship Interview and Life Lines due early next week
  2. Word Work assessment tomorrow
  3. Study for math test on Monday ( study guide provided )

Wednesday December 13th

Students are encouraged to dress for the cold weather!

Image result for keep calm it's winter

Today we reviewed our decimal practice sheet, went to the library and had drama with Ms. Stahl.  We read more of ” A Fish in a Tree” and had time to submit our persuasive essays and practice our word work on Spelling City.  We discussed family histories in Fully Alive and did an activity with picture cards to reflect on relationships.  We worked on a Reading Comprehension exercise to practice our predicting and inferencing skills.


  1. Friendship interview due next week
  2. study word work words via spelling city
  3. study for math test next Monday!  ( study guide is on Current Assignments )

Tuesday December 12th

Today we worked on our good copies of our persuasive writing.  Most students are finished.  It is due tomorrow via Google Classroom.  We started Theme Two in Fully Alive ( Living in Relationship ) and shared stories of friendship and family traditions.  Students have an task to complete with a parent / family member.  At the end of the day we worked on a group question in Math and completed a short worksheet / quiz.

My daughter is busy drawing smiley faces on your decimal practice sheets from today



Image result for cold animated gif



  1. Persuasive writing due tomorrow via Google Classroom
  2. Friendship Interview and Life Lines worksheet Due As Soon As Possible!  ( sorry – accidentally wrote tomorrow! )
  3. Good copy persuasive writing due tomorrow
  4. Word Work test on Friday – study on Spelling City!

Monday December 11th

Today we practiced rounding decimals, and learned how to divide with base ten blocks.  Students were given a math study guide Unit-Four-Math-test-Study-Guide for their test next Monday.  Students had an opportunity to conference with Mrs. Gallant regarding their persuasive writing assignment, and to work on their peer edits and good copies.  At the end of the day we practiced for our Christmas Concert and attending an Advent Liturgy.


  1. Math test study guide handed out
  2. Math page 158 Explore, page 159 #1, #2
  3. Persuasive Writing Good copy – due Wednesday
  4. Practice for Christmas concert

Friday December 8th

Today we reviewed division and discussed decimals within a division question.  We had volleyball for Phys. Ed., met with our buddies for a Christmas craft, did 1 1/2 minutes of meditation ( yeah! ), and finished the day with Pottery to Go, completing our Google Form about math and listening to Fish in a Tree.  Students are also encouraged to work on Spelling City to review their words over the weekend.  Students also received a certificate for their Hour of Coding!



  1. Dental Floss for Hope House
  2. Review words if you have some time this weekend!
  3. Practice for the Christmas Concert song and get your clothing organized :o)

Thursday December 7th 2017

Today we had Confessions, practiced for the Christmas concert ( see karoke version below ), learned about multiplying decimals by a whole number, worked on our persuasive writing and listened to Fish in a Tree, as well as DPA!  Busy Busy!

It’s cold outside but it’s warm in here!


Practice for the concert!  Find your ‘costume’!  Students have either volunteered to be an animal or should dress in plaid shirts, cowboy hats and boots or wear all of one colour.  Costume ideas and props are appreciated!


  1. Math page 149 #1 a,e,g, #4, #9
  2. Finish rough copy of persuasive essay ( see above pictures if you need the anchor charts to help you! )

Wednesday December 6th 2017

Today we continued reading Fish in a Tree.  We discussed the meaning of ‘grit’ with regards to perseverance.  We reviewed success criteria for persuasive writing and started writing our rough copies!

We worked on decimals through rotations in math.  Here was our ‘Minds On’ activity.


  1. Persuasive Writing Final Assignment due December 13th
  2. Bring dental floss for Hope HouseImage result for dental floss gif animated
  3. Parents – please take a moment to fill out this form about math!  You should have received more details via email 🙂

Tuesday December 5th

Today we worked on multiplying by factors of 10 through math rotations and whole class review.  We learned more about our growth mindset mantra of the month ” We Love a Challenge” through an M&M activity.

Students were also introduced to Genius Hour!  Check out some videos and pictures below.  We listened to Fish in a Tree and worked on our persuasive writing assignment.

Image result for equality and equity

Monday December 4th

Mrs. Gallant was absent today.  Students attended an Advent Liturgy, learned about multiplying numbers by 0.1, 0.001 and 0.001.  This week is ‘computer science week’ so students worked on some coding this afternoon.

Image result for coding gif animated

Reminders: Please make sure that all health, social studies inquiry and media literacy advertisement assignments are submitted!

Stay tuned for more information regarding ” All About Me” ( My Blueprint ).  Mrs. Gallant learned a lot today to help you create your online portfolio.

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