Hi students!

Please check your google classroom.  I am missing several media literacy – advertisement assignments.  Also, there’s a document for you to fill out regarding your health ( online safety ) task this week :o)

Friday December 1st

We love a challenge!  Our new monthly mantra :o)

Students had French first thing this morning, followed by volleyball in Phys. Ed.  We met with our buddies, attended a motivational speaker in the gym, and worked on inputting our new words into our Spelling City program.  We also continued to explore Mathletics!

Mrs. Gallant posted the procedures for Daily Five Choices and Word Work to ensure student understanding.  Students should continue to consult our classroom anchor charts.

We also had our first Christian Meditation as a class today.  Students should listen to the
“Friendly Beasts” song and think about how they would like to be a part of our Christmas Concert!



  1. Practice Word Work Words
  2. Photo retakes are due on December 7th
  3. Bring Dental Floss for The Christmas Giving Tree Hope House
  4. Math worksheets – due Monday

Next week is The Hour of Code, a global movement to promote computer science among youth.  We will have a chance to explore some activities next week!  I have registered our class and put us on the map :o)  You will need headphones or ear buds next week ( and always ! )

Thursday November 30th

Today we worked on multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.  These kinds of questions involve metric conversions!  We learned how to do a Christian Meditation with the Grade 8 class – ask your child about their experience!  We starting thinking more about the success criteria for persuasive writing and at the end of the day we played volleyball for Phys. Ed.

Image result for christian meditation


  1. Math worksheets – due Monday at the latest
  2. Health – parent / student activity due tomorrow

Check out this awesome song about online safety!


Wednesday November 29th

Today we watched several videos of real life examples of online activity and its consequences.

Split Decisions

6 Degrees

Two Kinds of Stupid

Survivor Diaries 

Broken Friendship

We created a ‘math wordle’ and here are the results!

Students had library and drama.  In math we did rotations to review the math quizzes, practice our decimal work, and explore mathletics!  This afternoon several students presented their health and media assignments.

Tomorrow we will start Christian Meditation with Mrs. Iliopoulos’ Grade 8 class in the Faith Centre. For more information,  click here to access the parent letter.

Here’s a video to help with rounding :o)

Image result for roller coaster rounding


  1. Complete health online safety task with your child ( sent home Monday )
  2. Students who are NOT finished their written explanation of their advertisement should do so ASAP!

Tuesday November 28th

Mrs. Gallant was absent this morning.  Students worked on a Health Assignment that is due tomorrow and a persuasive group diagnostic.  ( letter writing prompt )  In the afternoon, we worked on our Bulletin Board Art for the front of the school.  Our board has purchased a licence for an online program called Mathletics.  The parent letter will be sent home today!Image result for mathletics


  1. Health due tomorrow ( Video link ) ( Assignment Choice Board )
  2. Mathletics newsletter sent home

Monday November 21st

Check out the above video for a ‘real’ example of multiplying by a factor of 10!

Today we started thinking about success criteria of persuasive writing through group reading.  We finished our last video for health regarding cybercitizenship.  There is a parent / student activity being sent home regarding online activity.  In the afternoon we had a Number Talk and reviewed our homework and math quiz and learned about multiplying by factors of 10.  We are looking for patterns!


  1. social studies and art marks sent home
  2. parent activity sent home ( health )
  3. advertisement and written explanation due tomorrow

Thursday November 23rd

Mrs. Gallant was absent today.  Students worked on their media literacy assignments.  Please share them with me by Tuesday!  Today was the last work period for this assignment.  Students met with their reading buddies, learned about adding and subtracting with decimals and how to serve a volleyball in Phys. Ed.

Image result for PD DAy Enjoy the brisk weather this weekend :o)Image result for cold weather gif


PD Day tomorrow!

Math page 135 #1 – #5

Wednesday November 22

Today we continued our discussion about cyberbullying.  Reflecting on our online behaviours through a gallery walk.  We had library and drama with Ms. Stahl.

Students  had the opportunity to work on their art and media literacy assessment.

Students wrote a check-in assessment and learned about estimating sums and differences.  We continued reading ” Fish In A Tree”.  We looked at this video that relates to our story.


  1. Finish online internet safety reading on EPIC
  2. Work on media literacy advertisement
  3. Math homework ( pg 130 ()

Tuesday November 21st

This morning we discussed advertising techniques and media literacy.  Students were assigned a media literacy project.  We learned how to round decimals in the thousandths and estimating sums and differences.  We started our health unit about cyberbullying and game addiction.  We continued listening to “A Fish in a Tree”.


  1. Art due Monday November 27th
  2. Media Literacy Assignment due Tuesday November 28th
  3. Finish “Morning Activity” burrito worksheet
  4. Math page 127 #1,2,3,4,5,6,7, 9
  5. Math worksheet

Monday November 20th

Today we went to the Art Gallery of Guelph and students completed an assignment about the principle of balance within a piece of artwork.  In the afternoon, we had a math rotation where students 1. Met with Mrs. Gallant to review homework and complete a Number Talk, 2. Worked on comparing and ordering decimals with textbook questions and 3. Worked on their multiplication facts using an online form and videos.


  1. Math Test, Narrative Writing and Art Analysis Assessments sent home today
  2. Math page 123 #1,2,3,4,5,6,7