Tuesday February 27th

Today students worked on a differentiated assessment with Mathletics, and practiced transformations using Mathletics online.  Mrs. Gallant met with small groups to review transformations from yesterday.  Several Grade 6 students participated in the Math League Contest … way to go St. Francis Mathletes!  It’s great to see you show initiative!

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We continued our note during health class.  There will be an assessment next week  ( Tuesday ) and a study guide was handed out.  This afternoon we started our Anticipation Guide and a focus on key vocabulary for our upcoming class novel study.


  1. Work on Mathletics ( online program ) if you have internet access at home
  2. start organizing your notes for health – test date Tuesday March 6
  3. Study Guide for Health ( Nutrition Test )

Please note Word Work assessment date change to Thurs. March 8th

Monday February 26th

Today we learned about SARS and H1N1 and how Canada responded to these outbreaks in Social Studies.  Students were assigned a group to research a global health issue and how Canada is responding through NGO’s or the WHO.  Presentation due date is this Friday and there will be class time to complete this task.  We played basketball and practiced lay-ups in Phys. Ed.  At the end of the day we started our new math unit on Transformational Geometry.

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  1. Math Homework – textbook
  2. Social Studies project due Friday ( class time provided )
  3. Mathletes contest tomorrow during\
  4. Math Test handed back – please sign

Friday February 23rd

Today we went to Zehrs to learn more about Canada’s Food Guide and Nutrition labels and to participate in a cooking class.  We had time to go to the Science Fair ( Grade 7 and 8 ) and we worked on Mathletics and Word Work this afternoon.

Thursday February 22nd

Today we discussed ‘mistakes’ and how our brains grow when we make them!  We crumpled paper as we thought about how we feel when we make mistakes, threw them at the blackboard and straightened them back out.  We traced the lines to show that each of the ‘mistakes’ represents a connection – where a synapse has fired.  

Students presented their case studies for health to the class and discussed their understanding of what influences peoples’ food choices.  This afternoon, we wrote our measurement math test.


  1. Zehrs Trip tomorrow – we leave here at 9 am.  Parent volunteers are welcome
  2. Stay tuned for information regarding Chicopee – as soon as I know the status of our trip I’ll let you know
  3. Practice words for Word Work either on Spelling City or in Word Work book

Wednesday February 21st

Today we reviewed for our math test tomorrow through small group conferencing and independent review.  We had a visit from Lisa from Wholesome Measures who taught us about the importance of limiting sugar in our diets, reading nutrition labels and how our taste buds react differently to different types of apples.


  1. Genius Hour tomorrow
  2. Zehrs and Chicopee permission forms and money
  3. Math test – Measurement TOMORROW – not on Friday as noted on the study guide!

Tuesday February 20th

Today we were fortunate to have Susan Bourque from St. Mary’s Church in Cambridge come to show us how to make milk bag mats.  We worked on case studies in Health, assessing medical, social, emotional and cultural influences on our food choices.  We reviewed for math independently and in small groups with Knowledgehook.


  1. Bring in milk bags!
  2. Math Test Thursday
  3. Zehrs Trip Friday

Friday February 16th

Today we started our Healthy Eating, Nutrition unit.  We discussed societal, emotional, cultural and medical reasons for food choices.  In Phys. Ed we played basketball and during Phys. Ed we had a lockdown drill.  Students were all well behaved as we hid in the gym storage area.  In math, we reviewed conversion of capacity and mass.  For language, students were assigned an activity through “Common Lit“, their new set of Word Work words and had an opportunity to submit their Explanation assignments ( good copy )

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  1. Math page 240 / 241 #2, #3, #9
  2. Family Day on Monday – no school
  3. Chicopee and Zehrs Permission Forms
  4. Mathletes Contest Participants – practice!  ( optional )
  5. Science Space Inquiry Project Rubrics sent home
  6. Math Study Guide ( Unit 6 ) handed out – test next Friday  Measurement-Test-study-guide

Please email me directly if you would like to come on either trip.  We always love to have parent volunteers: lindsay.gallant@wellingtoncdsb.ca or use the contact form on this site.

Thursday February 15th

Today we had our Genius Hour time, worked on the good copies of our Explanations and learned about linear vs. square vs. cubic measurements.  We also started learning about capacity and mass.

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  1. Parent Teacher Interviews tonight
  2. Good Copy Explanation due tomorrow
  3. Page 3 Report Card
  4. Chicopee and Zehrs Permission Forms