Wednesday October 4 2017

Oh no!  Our first pizza day is tomorrow and so is Guelph Lake!  Ms. Turner will save the pizza for students who ordered and I’ll warm it up in the microwave on Friday!

As well, we just found out that our first River Run Field Trip to see the Three Musketeers will take place on Thursday October 26th from 9 am until 12 pm.  Volunteer supervisors are welcome!

Today we reviewed some terms for science and learned about invasive species.  We are excited for our Guelph Lake trip tomorrow!

Image result for invasive species

We wrote our math test, went to the library, had drama with Ms. Stahl and learned more about how to make good inferences using details from the text to support our inferences.

Invasive Species Video

SO PROUD of our students who decided to join lego robotics and enrich their learning!  Way to go!  Maybe you can develop a robot to mark all these math test for me!


Dress appropriately for Guelph Lake tomorrow

Finish any outstanding arthropod assignments and monthly reflections!

Tuesday October 3rd

Today we practiced our Word Work words using the online program Spelling City.  We read “The Tin Forest” and watched a video of the story.  We reviewed for math with some worksheets and one-on-one conferencing.

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Here is our class document to help us prepare for Guelph Lake on THURSDAY!

Check out this link if you are interested in an art contest about … fish!  This year’s species are the bluegill and the muskellunge.

2nd place – Kids’ Fish Art Contest

Guelph Lake Preparation


  1. Study for Math
  2. October Homework Bingo
  3. Monthly Reflection – Google Classroom – make sure you press the submit button on our Google Classroom!
  4. If you have time, add to our “Guelph Lake Preparation” file above!  It’ll help everyone!

Monday October 2nd 2017

Today we learned more about growth mindset, specifically how the brain actually grows when we learn new things.  We made sample neurons out of licorice!  We chose a mascot for “Go Noodle” a program designed to help students increase their physical activity and improve mindfulness.

We reviewed division.  It did not go well!  We will not have division as a focus for Wednesday’s test.  After meeting with our board math consultant today, Mrs. Gallant has some ideas that should help strengthen student understanding of division.

In Language, we read “The Memory String” and practiced making inferences.  Mrs. Gallant met with small groups to discuss inferences and students worked on their “Daily Five” tasks.


  1. math test Wednesday
  2. October Homework Bingo was handed out
  3. Spelling City passwords handed out
  4. Complete the monthly reflection on Google Classroom

Thursday September 28th

Today we had our school mass … way to go readers!  What a connection our class had with being a life giver and today’s gospel!  We had a lesson on Multiplication ( must have been a good one as Mrs. Gallant was covered with chalk :o) ).  Check out the video below to help with your homework.  We had our Terry Fox assembly and walk this afternoon.



  1. Math test on Wednesday October 4th
  2. Arthropod Assignment due Tuesday October 3rd
  3. Guelph Lake on Thursday October 5th
  4. Math Homework page 66 #1a,b, #3, #5a,b,c,d

Wednesday September 27th

Today we reviewed strategies for multiplication, worked on our Unit Review for math, our arthropod assignment and had a Phys Ed block.  Mrs. Gallant was coaching cross country most of the day.

Tomorrow is mass and Terry Fox!


Math test Wednesday October 4th

Arthropod assignment due Tuesday October 3rd

Word Work ( ongoing )

Tuesday September 26th

Today we reviewed strategies for mental math for addition and subtraction.  Students worked on Word Work / Daily 5 while Mrs. Gallant continued HIP assessments.  At the end of the day we reviewed the vertebrate slideshows and students started their invertebrate ( arthropods and insects ) assignment.








  1. Finish Word Work tasks
  2.  Math page 64 “Garden” question
  3. Math Test Study Guide Handed out – Test Date is Wednesday October 4th

Monday September 25th

Image result for out sick gif animated

Mrs. Gallant is out sick today :o(  Students worked on a group science task about vertebrates that was due at the end of class.  Students had a lesson on “adding and subtracting whole numbers”.  We will be working on addition and subtraction throughout our Number Talks this year.  This lesson is a good review of the algorithm!

Websites for science:

Website #1

Website #2

Games for early finishers or for extra practice!

What kind of animal?

Animal Classification



Math page 62 #1,2,3,4,5,7,10

Thanksgiving Food Drive

Readers – please practice for mass on Thursday

Terry Fox $ and Run/Walk on Thursday

PD Day on Friday

Cross Country on Wednesday

Friday September 22nd

Today Mrs. Gallant was at cross country for most of the day.  We met with our reading buddies this morning and practiced place value and problem solving this afternoon while Mrs. Gallant met with students for reading assessments.


Food Drive starts next week!  Terry Fox!  Readers for mass – please practice!

Thursday September 21st

Thank you to all parents and families who made it out to Open House last night.  It was great to meet you.  You are welcome in Room 202 anytime!

Today we completed an activity based on Max’s Logbook from Literacy in Action on our Google accounts.  We had to work on the writing trait of ideas and create a logbook six months from the end of the story.

We learned about the Characteristics of Living Things:

Classification guess who

We reviewed order of operations from yesterday.  Try this Clown Fish and Snails problem at home!  We played mini-soccer games with the ‘goal’ of including EVERYONE on our team!

1. Bring money for Terry Fox Run ( next Thursday September 28th)

2. Cross Country meet tomorrow – there will be a supply teacher in for Mrs. Gallant for half of the day!

Wednesday September 20th

Today we discussed the characteristics of living things and identified living things in our school yard.  How do you know that something is alive?

We wrote a ‘check-in’ for math and learned about the order of operations.

In Language we had our rotations with a focus on the types of conflict within narratives ( character vs. nature, character vs character, character vs. self, character vs. society, character vs. machine ).  We read “The Most Magnificent Thing” in our whole group lesson.


Open House Tonight!