Monday March 30th

Today, you can log on to Google Classroom and complete a journal entry and a flipgrid activity. For the Flipgrid, you will need a device with a camera and microphone. I will not be sharing your Flipgrids with anyone else.

And here’s your ‘Motivational Monday’ video clip!

Friday March 27th

Friday March 27th

Questions, Comments, Concerns about today or ANYTHING? Write to me on Google Classroom or use the Contact Form on this website. I can’t write back to your school email accounts, so I’ll send you a file on Google Classroom if you write to me 🙂

Ministry of Education – Learn at Home website

Learn at Home

Find supplementary resources for elementary and secondary students to practice math and literacy skills and learn at home.

While these materials do not replace what students have been learning at school, during this unusual time, these at-home activities offer quick and easy access to some of Ontario’s best online kindergarten to grade 12 learning resources.

Remember – you can still access

  • Knowledgehook
  • Spelling City
  • Mathletics
  • Google Typing
  • Worksheets on Google Classroom
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What a rain storm this morning!!!!

Thursday March 19

How much of the pie has been eaten? Make an estimate that’s too high … Too low … What’s your estimate? Justify your thinking!

Post your thinking on this padlet!

A joke for you today!

Stay safe! Stay home! And listen to your parents ❤️

Here’s another padlet “just for fun”!

Thursday March 12th

Today we continued Theme Three and discussed DNA and genetics. We worked on our persuasive essays and learned more about equivalent fractions. We also had our word work test and our class meeting.


  1. Genius Hour tomorrow
  2. Running Club and Cooking class newsletters sent home
  3. math worksheets ( fractions ) due tomorrow

Wednesday March 11th

Today we had a visit from Father Bergsma and an interactive forensic science presentation / workshop. We continued our lesson on “Created and Loved by God: Human Sexuality”.


  1. Word Work Test tomorrow
  2. Class Meeting tomorrow
  3. Persuasive Writing due Friday ( last work period tomorrow )

Tuesday March 10th

Today we worked on our persuasive essays. Reminder to use the graphic organizer and class notes which can be found on Google Classroom!

We experimented with Cuisenaire rods to enhance our understanding of fractions. We played badminton in Phys. Ed and started Theme 3 in Fully Alive.


  1. Word Work Test on Thursday – practice those words!
  2. Intramurals tomorrow
  3. Work on persuasive writing

Monday March 9th

Today we organized our Friday Folders and ‘weekly’ agenda. We played a fraction war game to practice comparing and ordering fractions. We reflected on where we use fractions in our daily lives in our math journal. We finished Theme Two Fully Alive and students wrote about what it means to be a true friend. Students had a solid hour to work on their persusasive writing! Ask your child about it and help them edit online!


  1. Practice word work words
  2. Mathletics Challenge ( online )
  3. Finish Friendship worksheets for Fully Alive