Google Classroom can be accessed by visiting There’s also a mobile app that can be downloaded on both iPhone and Android devices.

I’m taking a break from in an effort to be more consistent with our ’emergency online learning’. You only need to check ONE place for your work … that place is GOOGLE CLASSROOM.

I’ll leave the reading, writing, math and contact tabs functional in case it helps you navigate to a program more easily.

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Friday April 10

Today is Good Friday. Good Friday is a day for somber reflection. Each Friday before Easter, we solemnly honor the way Jesus suffered and died for our sins.  We remember the suffering He endured for our sake. We are reminded of the depths of His love for us. Do not let Good Friday go by as just any other day of the year. Take time to contemplate all that Christ’s death on the cross signifies for us. Click on this link to learn more about Good Friday.

Students, one of your tasks today is to complete a ‘google form’ and let me know how this week went for you!

Parents, one of YOUR tasks is to complete a ‘google form’ and provide me with some feedback!

Thursday April 9 2020

Today is Holy Thursday. This is the day of the Last Supper, where Jesus shows us Holy Communion. During the meal, Jesus predicted the events that would immediately follow, including his betrayal, the Denial of Peter, and his death and resurrection

8 Prayers for Holy Week - Pray Each Day Leading to Easter

Your tasks for today are on Google Classroom. Log in with your Google Account and please remember to TURN IT IN!

Check out this video on twitter! You might see some familiar faces.

Tasks for today!

  1. Religion – Holy Thursday
  2. Math Talk
  3. Math ( Mathletics )
  4. Word Work Sentences
  5. Independent Reading

Please note that I will be posting a short survey and a short task for Good Friday tomorrow. As it is Good Friday, I won’t be assigning much work, but if you are bored remember you can do some of the optional activities and homework bingo tasks. You can find these in your Google Classroom, under Class Work, under “Extra Activities April 6-10”

Wednesday April 8

Hello! Hope everyone is finding their way around this “distance learning”!

Here is a picture of what you should see when you log in to your Google Classroom and click on Classwork.

I have revised some of your tasks so that it is easier for you to write directly on your page. I can’t wait to read your writing responses today!


  1. Writing
  2. Social Studies
  3. Math Talk
  4. Math Worksheet

Tuesday April 7

Happy Tuesday!

Here is a video that could help you with your math tasks. Remember, this is like our ‘classroom schedule and blackboard page’. You need to complete your tasks by logging in to GOOGLE CLASSROOM ( click on Grade 6 2019-2020 ) and remember to click the TURN IT IN button.

Thanks for all your hard work on your journals! It is so nice to hear from you! I also appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we figure this out together.

Tasks for Tuesday April 7th!

Word work
Online Reading Task ( log in to readworks with Google account )
Comparing and Ordering Fractions
Math Talk
Math Worksheet

Monday April 6th

Students! Please email me from your school board email account ( see below if you need help ). Also, PLEASE remember to submit your work on Google Classroom … DO NOT just share it with me. You can attach documents to any assignments on classroom. I posted a video about it last week 🙂 Also, PLEASE don’t get too stressed about schoolwork. Just do your best. This is a challenging time and it is most important that you stay physically and mentally well. Stay connected to friends and family and stay safe. I am here for you! You got this!

Motivational Monday! A fan favourite 🙂

Monday April 6 tasks
Word work
Independent Reading
Online Journal

Math Talk
Math Worksheet

A little extra motivation this Monday if you need it 🙂

Friday April 3

HD wallpaper: christian, christianity, jesus, hands, cross, pray ...

Dear God,

Keep us, good Lord,

under the shadow of your mercy

in this time of uncertainty and distress.

Sustain and support the anxious and fearful,

and lift up all who are brought low;

that we may rejoice in your comfort

knowing that nothing can separate us from your love

in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Amen. St. Francis of Assisi Pray for Us.



  1. Go to our Google Typing Club. Click on the “writing” tab on and log in with Google. Practice typing for 20 minutes today!
  2. Go to Google Classroom and do some ‘noticing and wondering’ about cheese and crackers!
Cheese and Crackers 3 Act Math Task - Act 1 What Do You Notice? What Do You Wonder?

Thursday April 2

Looks like a beautiful day!

Here’s another one of those ‘lego food’ videos for your entertainment 🙂

Task for today:

  1. Google Classroom – Flipgrid – Planet Q
  2. Go to EPIC READING, sign in and read about Grit Don’t forget to complete the VERY short quiz at the end!

*** If you’re having trouble accessing EPIC – have your parents send me an email and I’ll resend them the link! ***