Thursday February 20th

Today we went to the library and completed our weekly reading log. We visited the science fair in the gym, worked on constructing figures and had our introduction to Genius Hour!

See you tonight for parent teacher interviews! No Friday Folder tonight but several things going on next week. There is no school tomorrow due to job action.


  1. Family History Assignment due Thursday Feb 27th
  2. Math test Wednesday Feb 26th
  3. Word Work Test Thursday Feb 27th
  4. Weekly Reading Record from today – finish it!

Wednesday February 19th

Today we learned about persuasive writing. We learned some tips and tricks in order to write effective persuasive essays! Students constructed figures with rulers, protractors and compasses. Mrs. Gallant will continue to meet with small groups tomorrow. We also made a note in our math journal and had the opportunity to do a variety of Chromebook tasks.


  1. No school on Friday ( job action )
  2. Family History Assignment due Feb 27th
  3. Math Test Feb 26th ( study guide under Current Assignments )
  4. Page 3 Report Card
  5. Word Work Practice

Wednesday February 12th

Today we learned how to illustrate objects using triangular dot paper. We practiced drawing 3D figures made from linking cubes. We read an emotional story called “The Butterfly” by Patricia Polacco. Students had French and Dance and we had fun climing at the Guelph Grotto in the gym!


  1. Permission Forms – Chicopee, Grotto, Electronics BYOD
  2. Math – try a few questions for homework if you didn’t finish Page 104 # 1 a,b,c #2 a,b,c #3a and #4 a,b
  3. Work on Family History Interview – Due Feb 27th ……………………………This assignment provides you with the opportunity to interview a family member about three generations of your family‚Äôs history (the family member you interview, as well as his or her parents and grandparents).

Monday February 10th

Today we reviewed how to write a paragraph for our “Weekend News”. We practiced editing for puncutation and ending with a feeling statement to ‘tie it all together’! We had a presentation from Officer Murphy.

We started learning about 3D shapes and how to visualize them. Here’s the website that students can use to help them ‘draw’ isometrically!

At the end of the day, we read about living in relationship for Fully Alive.


  1. Guelph Grotto this week!
  2. Geometry Assessment on Thursday – individual conferencing on using a protractor, drawing isometric pictures & naming polygons
  3. Word Work Test moved to next week ( Date TBD due to job action)
  4. Class Reward Day on Friday February 14

Friday February 7th

Today we started a guided drawing and watercolour painting art project. We listened to the speeches in the gym and had Friday “Fun or Not Done”.


  1. Friday Folders sent home
  2. Climbing permission form
  3. Chicopee permission form

Wednesday February 5

Today we had a ‘finish up’ block. We practiced our reading comprehension strategies and met with an author over Skype.

We wrote in our math journals and reflected on why it’s important to name angles. We worked on a task about estimating and finding angles in real life examples. We also practiced a ‘grounding’ technique during meditation to help us improve our mindfulness.


  1. Chicopee Tubing Form Sent home
  2. Math Journal Reflection
  3. Math worksheet “Try These”
  4. Practice word work words

Monday February 3rd

A busy start to our week! This morning we explored our new monthly mantra, “Feedback is a GIFT … ACCEPT IT!” We practiced giving each other process praise, rather than ‘person’ praise. We drew Hello Kitty to help reinforce this concept.

3. Rock Climbing permission form

4. No school tomorrow

5. Google Classroom tasks – readworks and practice quotation marks

6. New word work words sent home