Friday January 24th

Today we graphed “Trace drinking a carton of milk” and practiced graphing our own stories!

We had Friday Fun or Not Done, played basketball in gym. We met our new librarian and met with our buddies.


  1. Math test on Monday – study guide is online if you have misplaced it …
  2. Friday Folders

Thursday January 2020

Today we heard some speeches from our students! Way to go!

We learned more about how graphs tell stories and explored making inferences. We looked at a line graph about a person drinking a glass of milk and conducted our own experiment. Tomorrow we will graph it!

We wrote a math check in and worked on sentence fluency – starting sentences in different ways.


  1. Sentence Fluency Paragraph ( writing prompt )
  2. Math test on Monday
  3. Practice Word Work Words
  4. Finish all your work from this week for Friday Fun or Not Done tomorrow

Wednesday January 22

Today we wrote our electricity science test, practiced our word work words and made time for DPA! ( Daily Physical Activity ). Students reviewed their check in from last week on Mean, Median and Mode through ‘voice notes’ and teacher conferencing. We also had a lesson on Scatter plots and continued Theme 1 in Fully Alive.

Image result for scatter plot

Voice NOTE! Please check your Google Classroom students! I figured out the problem with retrieving the notes, you should be able to see them now if you open your ‘mean, median, mode’ check in note!


  1. Sentence Fluency Paragraph due Friday
  2. Math Test on Monday Jan 27th
  3. The Museum Permission Form
  4. Practice word work words and finish worksheets!
  5. Math – Scatter Plot worksheet

Monday January 20th

Today we had a quick review of mean, median and mode. Students received their math test study guide ( see ‘homework’ tab ). We had the opportunity to ‘explore by the seat of our pants’ and met a scientist who ventured into a crystal cave in Mexico. George Kourounis .

Image result for George Kourounis'
Image result for angry planet

Students worked on improving their sentence fluency while writing a persusasive paragraph. We also worked on our new set of word work words! We played Kahoot for Science and studied in groups.


  1. No School Tomorrow – OECTA strike
  2. Study for Science Test
  3. Word Work words ( Spelling City! )
  4. Museum Permission Form
  5. Optional – Speech on Thursday
  6. Sentence Fluency Paragraph
  7. Study for Math Test

Friday January 17th

It’s good to be back! We had a busy day, starting with a math check in ( mean, median and mode ), learning about the importance of conservation of energy / electricity through an online note, learning to ‘reach into the cookie jar’ in Phys Ed and reviewing our science electricity learning for our test next week!


  1. Friday Folders not coming home this week – definitely next week 🙂
  2. Study for Science Test on Wed. Jan 22nd
  3. Optional – Classroom Speeches Thurs. Jan 23
  4. Museum Permission form – parent volunteers required!!!

Stay Safe this weekend!

Tuesday January 14th

Today we had our ‘scientist in the school’ workshop. We built parallel and series circuits and experiemented with insulators and conductors. We practiced passing in basketball ( chest, bounce, 2 hand overhead ) and read “The Girl in Red” to practiced our reading strategies.


  1. No school tomorrow
  2. Graphing worksheet ( complete with parent / guardian )
  3. Practice word work words – test on Friday
  4. Science Study Guide Sent home

Monday January 13th

Today we practiced writing parallel structure for sentence fluency and the comprehension stratey “visualizing. We learned about circuits, insulators and conductors and measures of central tendancy ( Mean, Median, Mode ) in math.


  1. Math worksheets
  2. Word Work Test on Friday
  3. No School on Wednesday ( OSSTF strike )
  4. Scientist in the school tomorrow!

Friday January 10th

Today we completed a graph check-in online, practiced dribbling and pivoting in Phys. Ed., played ‘equation station’ and met with our buddies. Students are coming home with lots to show you in their Friday Folders from this week 🙂

Image result for friday already


  1. Friday Folder
  2. Practice word work words
  3. Work on speech if you are doing one ( optional! )

Thursday January 9th

Today we practiced the skill of visualizing for reading comprehension. We worked on word work activities and visualizing in our independent novels, as Mrs. Gallant met with small reading groups. We made a note in our math journal about the different types of graphs and practiced some questions from the textbook.

At the end of the day we started our unit on Electricity! in preparation for next week’s scientist in the school workshop.


  1. Math page 179 #1,2,3,4
  2. Language – Word Work, Visualizing worksheet
  3. Speech presentations ( optional ) Jan 23rd ( St. Francis – Feb 6 )
  4. Museum Trip scheduled for Jan 30 – more information soon!